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Phobetor DG

Our first sire to get to 600 at 4yrs old

Phobetor DG @ 5yrs

Phobetor DG @ 5yrs


Phobetor DG @ 4yrs

Phobetor DG scored 480 at 4yrs, 20 x 18 points

609 @ 4yrs makes Phobetor DG our highest scoring 4yr old to date, higher than his sire Morpheus and we all know how good Morpheus was, and the quality of Morpheus progeny speaks for itself.


Phobetor DG @ 3yrs

3 yr comments:

Phobetor had 51 points 25 x 26 at 3yrs. Quadfurcated treys left and right with total trey measurement equaling 63 inches. His impressive T3 and T4 measurements puts him in our top 1% of antler stats.

Phobetor DG scored 442 @ 3yrs, 16 x 15 points, 13.23kg HA


Phobetor DG scored 400 @ 2yrs, 19 x 18 points



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