Texas Longhorn Cattle


The Texas longhorn breed earn their celebrity status for their exceptional horns. We are building our own herd here in New Zealand and so far we are very pleased with their development. The longhorns have the leanest beef available. Below we showcase the sires we have used for our herd (From Dickinson Cattle) and the progeny created via embryo transplant.


Video of our embryo calves developing very nicely.
Video taken March 2019



Tuxedo is the son of a world record holder Cowboy Tuff Chex (100+'' T2T).

He is owned by Dickinson Cattle Co. We purchased 3 embryos and they on farm and developing nicely.



Bella Tory DG

Bizedo Cowboy DG

Victory Lap is one of Dickinson Cattle Co.'s great sires. He is well respected for thick beef conformation, gentle disposition and one of the top 180 US sires for T2T. We are very excited to see how his progeny develop.





Victory Smiles DG



Rodeo Max is the 8th widest tip to tip, living, officially measured TL bull. He has a massive girth to him and we have two progeny developing so far.



Rodeo Victor DG

Rodeo Princess DG

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