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Environmental Care

We are always working hard to ensure our farms have minimal impact on the environment, and  often are looking for new initiatives. 

Our farming practices ensure maximum output for minimum input, whilst maintaining our extremely high animal husbandry standards and natural affection for the environment.

Our recycling program ensures farm plastic not only goes to the right place, but is turned into high quality farming items which can be used again and again.

We understand the connection between the health of stock, their food and the environment.

We undertake extensive native planting around out waterways to ensure clean water, assist in regeneration of natural habitat and wildlife, and provide browse along fence lines

We are constantly maintaining our waterways by native plantings to minimize our impact on the environment.


Native seedlings that are planted across riparian zones throughout our farms


Carex secta - one of the many abundant native species in the wetland



Protected Native Wetlands

We have a native wetlands bog on one of our farms that is possibly thousands of years old. We have a wetland restoration project that is an exciting new challenge for us. Through this project, we hope it will encourage other farmers in New Zealand to increase their protection towards our native flora and fauna.

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