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Our deer crush and

Handling Facilities

With 2 generations of deer farming expertise we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to farm practices. It's not just about genetics. Supreme pasture management, stockman ship, record keeping, organisation and 'passion' are also key to success.

The quiet handling of red deer is crucial to their health and well-being as well as productivity and so top quality facilities are required to achieve this. These facilities need to be adaptable for all facets of the deer farming enterprise such as the velveting of stags, drenching, vaccinating and weighing all age groups from fawns to adult deer and general handling for the day to day stock management.

Also incorporated into the same facilities at Deer Genetics NZ are:

  • The sales complex, for our annual Elite Sire Stag Sales.

  • The quarantine centre for semen collection for export and exporting of live deer

  • AI and Embryo Transfer facilities.

Video of George and Nick running a mob of hinds into the sheds.


Birds eye view of the outside pens in Woodbury yards. Mob of deer are run into large pen on the right. The mob is then split up into small groups and run up the lane to the handling pens outside the shed.


Running deer into the pens


One of our laneways out of the handling shed.


Our viewing platform in the shed for showcasing our sale deer.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 18.26.16.png

The polaris is our trusty vehicle used to move stock, especially in winter when the trucks can't make it through the paddock.

Don and Kelly setting up a runway into the shed yards.

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