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Semen and Embryo Export

We have been purpose breeding red deer for over 40 years and you can fast track your herd by introducing our genetics through semen and embryo exports. We have been exporting our elite genetics for over 15 years and have seen the genetic gains of our clients first hand.

We export

All over the world

So far, our elite red deer genetics is in Argentina, Chile, United States of America, Canada, Russia, Australia and the European Union. Each country has specific requirements for importation. We are well versed in developing import protocols into different countries, so get in touch to discuss any requirements or queries you have.

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Do you want to

Fast track your genetic gain?

Fast track your genetic gain using our Elite red deer genetics coupled with Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) Programs.

We have been conducting AI programs for more than 25 years, if done well the results are outstanding. It is paramount that you use the best AI and ET industry professionals available. We know who they are - for advice on this, contact us.

The benefits to AI

  • Upgrade to the world's best

  • No anesthesia

  • Huge genetic gain

  • Cost effective and affordable

  • Reduced overall cost

  • Reduce risk of disease

  • Increase genetic spread


Recipient selection

  • Hinds should be weaned

  • Hinds on rising plane of nutrition

  • Condition Score 3.5 to 4.0

  • Good frame size and weight

  • No dubious breeding history

  • Settled and familiar with facilities

Factors affecting outcome

  • Facilities

  • Good management practices

  • Program hygiene
  • Semen Quality

  • Reduced stress on animals

  • Accurate drug application

  • Technician's skill and experience (a good technician takes less than 1 minute to AI a hind)


Our Advice

  • Control what you can

  • Use people with proven track records

  • Boost your herd by using semen from our top sire stags

  • Good luck or bad luck has nothing to do with it

Our AI program

DGNZ AI program is a 14-day process:

  • Day 1: Insert Controlled Internal Drug Release (CIDR.G)

  • Day 12: at a specific time, remove CIDR.G and inject 1ml of PMSG

  • 56 Hours later: Do the AI

  • Hinds will then exhibit standing heat 36-48 hours after the CIDR pull. It is very important to keep stags away over this period.


Kelly pulling semen out of liquid nitrogen container


Export Facilities

We manage our own Registered Government Approved semen collection, live deer, embryo transplanting and export facility.

Embryo Transplanting
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