Floyd has all the makings of a great sire, crossing our genetics will produce the kind of antlers the trophy industry is looking for..

General comments:

We purchased Floyd in 2014 as a two year old. Big open expansive head, similar to the style we are producing ourselves. He is a big bodied, very quiet stag. As a two year old Floyd scored 401 with a 31 inch main beam and 16 x 14 points. As a three year old Floyd scored 511 with a 40 inch main beam, 28 inch span, 57 1/2 inch spread and 15 x 16 points, Very dominant stag during the roar, which is a trait we encourage and require for a great sire.

Floyd has the makings of a great sire, very good main beam length, great span, long open tops that will cross with our genetics to produce the type of antlers the trophy industry is looking for. 

Floyd @ 4yrs

Hilderic DG scored 555 at 4yrs, 18 x 26 points

Floyd @ 3yrs

Floyd scored 511 @ 3yrs, 15 x 16 points, 13.22kg HA

Floyd scored 401 @ 2yrs, 16 x 14 points.

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