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Hilderic DG

Hilderic's Dam is a daughter of scipio DG who is the sire of "Morpheus DG the Monster of a stag"

General comments:

Hilderic DG’s Dam 6161 is a daughter of Scipio DG bred by Deer Genetics NZ Ltd and exported to Argentina back in 2004 and was the highest scoring stag in South America for many years.

6161 has similar comments to Phantasos DG and Imbrius DG’s dams whereas the progeny are mostly sons and they are all in the top 5%. 

One of 6161's sons 0197 impressed us so much that we recreated him, luckily for us it is a female. We have this year recreated Hilderic via ET to once again get these superior dam lines into our base herd.

Interesting to note that the dam of Hilderic, 6161 and the dam of Phantasos, 5124 are both daughters of 3013.

Hilderic DG @ 5yrs

Hilderic DG @ 5yrs


Hilderic DG @ 4yrs

Hilderic DG scored 555 at 4yrs, 18 x 26 points
Unfortunately, Hilderic DG had a knock on his right side affecting his score.


Hilderic DG @ 3yrs

Hilderic DG scored 506 @ 3yrs, 19 x 23 points, 13.02kg HA


Hilderic DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2014):

Hilderic DG had very good treys, bifurcated on left (with a total of 28 inches) and trifurcated on right (with a total of 27 inches). Exceptional T4's with 5 points on T4 left (with a total of 34 inches) and 7 points on T4 right (with a total of 36 inches). Very good royal points with 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 inch tops.

Hilderic DG scored 373 @ 2yrs, 15 x 19 points


1yr comments (2013):

Hilderic has very good tops, 10 to 20 inches. Very good main beam length.

Hilderic @ 1yrs had 8 x 6 with 2.82kg HH4




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