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Genghis DG

Widest head we have ever bred

General comments:

Widest head we have ever bred

Score 480 @ 4yrs

20 x 18

Very long, strong bottom tines

Genghis DG has been retained as a Sire Stag based on his antler style

Very wide, thick beam, multi-pointed

Strong dam line - his dam is a full sister to Hannibal DG

Huneric DG Son

Genghis DG @ 6yrs (2016)


Genghis DG @ 5yrs (2015)

Genghis DG scored 528 @ 5yrs, 20 x 20 points, 16.60kg HA


Genghis DG @ 4yrs

Genghis DG scored 480 at 4yrs, 20 x 18 points
 Huge dropper of T3. Very good dropper off left T4. 52" spread. 32" span.


Genghis DG @ 3yrs

Genghis DG scored 442 @ 3yrs, 16 x 15 points, 13.23kg HA


Genghis DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2012):

Genghis DG is the widest stag we have ever bred.  A son of Huneric DG his Dam is a full sister to Hannibal DG.  Very strong proven bloodline. Internal span 27", External spread 43". We will watch his growth with much interest. 

Genghis DG scored 363 @ 2yrs, 15 x 15 points




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