Lochinvine White Deer

'Royal Lochinvine White Deer Genetics NZ'

is our herd of white red deer that we have integrated into our farm. We purchased them in 2017 from Janey Hayes of Lochinvine White Deer. Currently (2020) we have a good sized mob that includes our top sire: TALCOM who scored 630 @ 5yrs (see below). This herd is bred similar to the red deer, with focus on genetic traits such as width and length of main beams and multi-pointed tops. We are seeing the genetic gains through the trophies that are now coming up to trophy age. If you are interested in our white stags, give us a call.


Talcom Our White Sire


Talcom is our prized white sire stag who has had a magnificent styled head every year throughout his development. His head is very symmetrical with wide open tops. We look forward to showcasing his sons when they are of age. Talcom scored 525 @ 4yrs and 630 @ 4yrs. Contact us for more information



Talcolm Videos


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Trophy 1

White 2 back

white Deer 2015

White 1 head up



We just used semen from sire ODY2 that has been frozen since 1999 for white hinds.

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