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Momus DG

Distinct brows that give him a unique trophy look...

2yr comments (2018):

Momus DG has super long browsthat give him a unique style. He also has very long beys and treys. Momus DG is a Leonides DG son. His Grand Dam 7248 is an exceptional hind who has produced various top-quality sires such as Genghis DG (528 @ 5yrs), Imbrius DG (702 @ 5yrs) and Hypnos DG (438 @ 2yrs). We are excited to see how his progeny develop and will be watching them closely. He has massive Quadrifurcated treys and full crowns on his left and right royals. Momus DG is a very impressive stag.

Momus DG scored 435 @ 2yrs, 20 x 18 points, 8.8kg HA




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