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Kratos DG

Fits the greek personofication of "Kratos"; "Power" perfectly

Kratos DG @ 3yrs - 2019

Kratos DG @ 3yrs - 2019

3yr comments (2019):

The name Kratos comes from the Greek word “Power” and this stag fits this personification perfectly. Kratos has a strong stance to him, accompanied by a fantastic trophy styled head making him a great upcoming sire. At 3yrs, Kratos DG has very good BBTs and awesome tyne placement. He has outward flowing multi T4s on L and R and great crown formation. In his pedigree both sides are anchored by hind 223. 223 is one of our founding hinds who produced Augustus DG who scored 446 @ 5yrs. We expect BIG things from this stag.


Kratos DG @ 2yrs - 2019

Kratos DG scored 384 @ 2yrs, 15 x 12 points




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