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Atlas DG

"Mighty leader of the Titans"

Atlas DG @ 3yrs 2017

Atlas DG @ 3yrs

3yr comments (2018):

Atlas's heas developed very nicely as a 3yr old. He had a good beam, clean tops and blown out royals. We sold Atlas DG as a 3yr old in our annual sire sale.

Atlas DG @ 2yrs 2017

Atlas DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2017):

At 2yrs, Atlas DG's head measured 476 with 31 inch main beam, bifurcated treys and massively multi T4s left and right measuring a combined 48 and 41 inches. We used Atlas DG as a sire @ 2yrs covering 35 1st calvers.

Atlas DG scored 476 @ 2yrs, 21 x 18 points, 12.49kg HA



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