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Artemis DG

"God of the hunt"

Artemis DG @ 3yrs 2017

Artemis DG @ 3yrs

3yr comments (2018):

Great aspect to Artemis's 3yr old head, hid width puts his stance in a paddock above any other deer. Artemis DG was sold in our 2018 sire sale.


Artemis DG @ 2yrs 2017

Artemis DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2017):

Artemis two year head had a 36 inch main beam, putting him in the top 1% for main beam length in our herd. The last time we had a 36 inch main beam at two year he went on to have a 52 inch main beam at 5 years. 26 inch span, 14 inch brows and quadfurcated T4s at 2 year will ensure Artemis DG develops into a spectacular sire. Used by us as a two year old covering 35 mixed age hinds.

Artemis DG scored 365 @ 2yrs, 13 x 12 points, 8.65kg HA



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