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Archontas DG

Archontas DG is the greek translation of "A Sire"

Archontas DG @ 2yrs 2017

Archontas DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2017):

Archontas scored 427 at two year old with 20 x 23 points. Produced by embryo transplant and a full brother to Hilderic, sire of Cleomenes in this catalogue. 31 inch main beam, total combined T3 measurements of 65 inches and total T4 inches of 89 inches. Very strong dam line with 6161 producing multiple sale stags for us back in New Zealand. Gran dam 3013 is a matriarch hind who is represented in the pedigree of many great stags as Gran dam. She is the gran dam of Phantasos, Hilderic, this stag Archontas, 3013 is the dam of D’Archiac by Huneric scoring 600 at 6 year.

Archontas DG scored 427 @ 2yrs, 20 x 23 points, 11.05kg HA




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