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Whopper of a trophy stag!

Zzivar @ 3yrs - Jan 2018

Zzivar's 3yr HA won 1st place in the National 3yr Red Head at the Rising Stars Competition 2019

3 yr comments (2018):

Awesome mass to Zzivar's head. He has a very dominant stance in the paddock, espically due to the mass of points and his prominent droppers. Zzivar won 1st place at the national rising stars competition 2019 for the 3yr HA class. At the rising stars, Zzivar was independently scored at 623 not including burr and span measurements.

Zzivar scored 623 @ 3yrs (not including burr and span measurements), 28 x 29 points.


Zzivar @ 2yrs - 2017

Zzivar @ 2yrs - 2017

Zzivar's 2yr head

2yr comments (2017):

Zzivar had a huge beam and great lengths on his tops! Zzivar is a fantastic stag. Very quiet in the paddock. Zzivar is a full brother same embryo flush to Phthonus DG who scored 435 @ 2yrs. Zzivar was sold as Lot 1 in our 2017 2yr sale. His pedigree illustrates how strong genetic traits of width and length can be passed through generations to get those top scoring stags. Zzivar's 2yr head scored 2nd place at the rising stars national competition in the 2yr red HA class.

Zzivar scored 473 @ 2yrs, 23 x 23




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