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Antiochus DG

Antiochus @ 3yrs - Dec 2020

Antiochus DG Hard Antler @ 2yrs

Antiochus DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2019):

We call this monster "Antiochus the great" He is going to be a rock star. Our highest scoring two year old by a massive 94 inches! The data and measurements we have been recording tell us that 14 inch T1s at 2 years old will be 20 inch T1s by the time they are 5 years old.

Antiochus DG scored 573 @ 2yrs, 32 x 29 points

Our highest scoring 2yr old by a massive 94 inches! Massive genetic advancement in both pedigree and performance.

Zafarai DG 847 @ 3yrs - Sire of Antiochus DG



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