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Epimetheus DG

Epimetheus @ 3yrs - Dec 2020

Epimetheus DG Hard Antler @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2019):

Epimetheus DG is a full brother to what was our biggest scoring 2yr old, Prometheus DG, 479 @ 2yrs back in 2016. Epimetheus DG has overtaken his brother by 51 inches scoring 530 @ 2yrs with 27 x 36 points. Huge scoring pedigree in Prometheus with sire Phantasos DG 669 @ 4yr old, Huneric 709 at 9 yr old, and Odysseus scoring over 700. As a 2yr old, Epimetheus had a massive T1 of 17 and 17.4 inches. T2 on left is 21 inches. Both T3s split 6 ways with T4 on the left splitting 8 ways and on the right an awsome 12 way split, totalling 86 inches on his right T4 alone. .

Epimetheus DG scored 530 @ 2yrs, 27 x 36 points

Going from previous sires scores at two year old Epimetheus could be up around the 800 mark as a 3 year old.

Prometheus DG 635 @ 3yrs - Full brother of Epimetheus DG



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