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Zafarai DG

Zafarai DG has a very attractive sought after trophy style head

Zafarai DG @ 6yrs - Dec 2020

Zafarai DG @ 6yrs - Dec 2020

Zafarai DG 763 @ 5yrs - Jan 2020

5yr comments:

763 at 5 year with 45.2 inch main beams, 20 inch T1s, Quad furcated 23 inch T3s left and right. 33 inch span rounds off a pretty good picture.

Antiochus the Great is from the first crop of Zafarai DG sons out of a Leonides DG daughter. Zafarai DG’s head this year is a picture image of last years head just bigger all round.

Zafarai DG 747 @ 4yrs - 2019

Zafarai DG 4yr HA head

4yr comments:

Zafarai DG won 3rd place in the 4yr hard antler class in the rising stars competition 2019 for his 4yr head scoring 686.

747 at 4yrs, 42 inch main beams. Bi T1’s left & right totalling 30 inches on T1 left & 27inch T1 on right. 20 inch T2’s , 25 inch T3 on left. Big numbers. Watch this space, we’re expecting Zafarai’s 5yr head to be up another level again.

Zafarai DG scored 747 @ 4yrs, 25 x 27 points, 20kg HA


Zafarai DG scored 647 @ 3yrs, 22 x 28 points, 16.8kg HA


Zafarai DG @ 2yrs - 2017

Zafarai DG @ 2yrs - 2017

2yr comments (2017):

Zafarai DG ranks right up there with the best we have bred. Photos don’t really do him justice. In the paddock he is the one that your eye is drawn to. Main beam of 32 ½ inch, puts him in the top 1% for length. Scoring 477 with 20 x 22 points at two years old, makes him one of our highest scoring two year olds, surpassing Mentor our previous highest by 43 inches. Extra long bottom gear, trifurcated T1’s measuring 24 ½ inches, T2’s are 18 6/8th and 19 2/8th, combined T3’s are 73 inches and combined T4’s are 112 inches. Very impressive stats and from our latest genetic crosses being Phantasos over a Huneric daughter.

In 2017 Zafarai DG won 3rd place in HA 2yr red class at the regional competition.

Zafarai DG scored 477 @ 2yrs, 20 x 22 points, 11.6kg HA




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