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Utetopia DG

Utetopia @ 4yrs - Dec 2020

You can see the resemblance of Artemis DG within Utetopia DG through genetic traits of width and length of his main beam.

Uteopia @ 3yrs - December 2019

Uteopia 3yr comments (2019):

We have given up 100 inches in score to inject the width, mass, length and style of Uteopia into our herd. 25 inch span as a 2 year old now 32 inch span at 3 years. 37.4 inch main beam with 20 inch T1 and T2 on the left and 18.6 and 17 inch T1s and T2s on the right.

We have been crossing Uteopia over our Phantasos/Huneric crosses to cement the width, mass, length and style genes into our herd.

Uteopia DG @ 2yrs Dec 2018

Utetopia DG scored 391 @ 2yrs, 13 x 18 points, 10kg HA

2yr comments (2018):

Utetopia DG is a half brother, same dam as Artemis DG who has been used by us as a sire (scored 365 @ 2yrs). Artemis DG was in our top 1% of stags fro his main beam length at a whopping 36 inches @ 2yrs. We expect Utetopia DG's progeny to pass on these strong genetic traits as his sire did before him.



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