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Prometheus DG

Prometheus DG is our highest scoring 2yr old TO DATE - 479 @ 2yrs

Prometheus DG @ 3yrs

Prometheus DG @ 3yrs

Prometheus DG @ 3yrs

Prometheus DG @ 3yrs

3 yr comments (2018):

This year we have bifurcated brows, trifurcated outward flowing treys, multi pointed outward flowing T4s with droppers and a full crown developing that will be stunning by sale day. Prometheus was used by us as a two year old covering 50 MA hinds. Proven genetics in the sire and dam line.

Prometheus DG scored

Prometheus DG @ 2yrs 2017

Prometheus DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2017):

Dam 1393 is also dam of lot 23 3345 in our 2016 stag sale. Now she has produced this stag “Prometheus DG”, who at 479 with 20x19 points is our highest scoring two year old to date by 44 inches. 15 inch brows, and a 27 inch span at 2 year old will mean 20 plus T1s and 32 plus inch span at maturity.

Prometheus DG scored 479 @ 2yrs, 21 x 19 points, 12.17kg HA




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