Phthonus DG

Phthonus DG @ 3yrs - Jan 2019

Phthonus DG - Sold in our 3yr Sale 2018

Phthonus DG has possibly the longest brows we have EVER seen, 17 inches @ 2yrs!

3 yr comments (2018):

Phthonus DG at 3yrs scored 601 with 19 and 20 inch brows, 16.4 and 20 inch beys and 26 and 21 inch treys with a massive 26 inch main beam. Awesome looking head! Phthonus DG full brother Zzivar scored 686 at 3yrs and won the Rising Stars 3yr Hard Antler Competition.

Phthonus DG scored 601, 20 x 22 points, 17.6kg

Phthonus DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2017):

Phthonus's head is exactly where the trophy market is going in terms of style, points, length and width (32 inch main beam and 26 inch span). Phthonus DG is a full brother, same embryo flush to Zzivar, sold as lot 1 in our 2017 sale who scored 474 @ 2yrs. Phthonus'DG's pedigree illustrates how strong genetic traits of width and length can be passed through generations to get these top scoring stags.

Phthonus DG scored 435 @ 2yrs, 15 x 16 points, 9.6kg HA

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