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Phantasos DG

A Morpheus DG son who is possibly the best stag we have ever bred.

General comments on Phantasos DG:

The pedigree of Phantasos is stacked with consistent sire producing hinds.

Dam 5124 has produced 3 stags all of which have made the top 2% of their age groups. 2009 son Caberra sired by Hannibal DG and exported by us to Argentina as a 2 year old. 2010 son 0209, D’Archiac, sold through our stag sale and 2011 son Phantasos. Unfortunately Phantasos is the end of the line as Dam 5124 passed away last winter, we have no daughters from 5124 but have one more son to come this year by Huneric DG.

Gran Dam 3013 has produced 4 sons, some by ET and they have all made our stag sale, quite astonishing really considering that we only sell 25 2 year stags each year. Gran dam 3013’s daughters are also producing consistently good sons as is evident by Hilderic in this catalogue. One of our current breeding objectives in our herd in New Zealand is to get Dam 3013 into as many of our hinds as we can, either by sons as in Phantasos, D’Archiac and Hilderic, or through ET programmes on her daughters. A stunning son of Morpheus DG coupled with Odysseus DG on his dam's side gives huge potential as a top trophy sire for the future. Scored well at 273 with 4.60kg HA cut as a spiker and improved to a score of 418 and 8.32kg HA at 2yrs. A great opportunity here to radically improve your trophy herd in the future.


Phantasos DG @ 4yrs - Jan 2015

4 yr comments (2015):

We said in Phantasos’s two year comments that he may turn out to be the best stag we have ever produced. His four year head confirms that statement. Scoring 669 with 20 x 25 points a 41 inch main beam and 29 inch span. Brows scoring 21 inches, beys 20 and 24 inches with 20 and 23 inch treys. Phantasos’s 4 year score is 58 inches bigger than Phobetor, our previous highest scoring four year old, and 66 inches higher than his sire Morpheus at the same age. Huge score, massive stag, Phantasos will have an impact on Red deer genetics around the world for years to come. Can’t wait until next year in New Zealand when we have his first two year old sons to assess.

Phantasos DG won 2nd place at the national competition in the red hard antler class for his 4yr head 2016.

Phantasos DG scored 669 @ 4yrs, 20 x 25 points, 21.28kg HA


Phantasos DG @ 3yrs - Jan 2014

Phantasos DG @ 3yrs - 2014

3 yr comments (2014):

Phantasos DG won 3rd place at the rising stars national competition 3yr HA class in 2014 with a score of 478.

Phantasos DG scored 525 @ 3yrs, 18 x 19 points, 14.67kg HA


Phantasos DG won 1st place in HA red 2yr class at 2014 regional competition scoring 407 @ 2yrs. Phantasos's 2yr head also won 3rd place at the rising stars national competition 2014

Phantasos DG @ 2yrs - 2013

2yr comments (2013):

When we cut his antlers off they were: “huge brows and beys, longest brows and beys we have produced on a 2 year old (19 inch bey on right hand side, 16 and 18 inch brows). Very good width 23 inch span, very appealing head with 43 inch spread. Damaged his bey left at growth stage. Very good treys, quadfurcated on left and trifurcated on right. (Total of 31 inches on trey left and 28 inches on trey right). Very good prominent multi T4’s 5 points on left (Total of 41 inches ) and 3 points on right (Total of 25 inches). Very good length tops with 3, 6, 9 and 12 inch tops. Phantasos may turn out to be the best stag we have ever produced, his 2 year score of 418 doesn’t include the approx. 20 inches he broke off his tops whilst he striped his antlers.

Phantasos DG scored 418 @ 2yrs, 21 x 17 points, 8.32kg HA



Phantasos DG's sons:

As of 2019, these are our Phantasos DG sons that are our top sires



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