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Orpheus DG

Orpheus DG @ 2yrs - Jan 2019

2yr comments:

Orpheus DG is the perfect product of 40+ years of safari breeding and his traits are exactly what we have been breeding for! Orpheus DG is a "Phantasos DG over Huneric DG daughter cross that promises width and lengt on a fantastic trophy style head. Awesome splitting going on in his tynes, with 14 inch brows, both 17 inch beys bi-furcating, left trey splitting 5-ways and scoring a combind 34 inches and right trey is 16 inches, splitting 2-ways. Massive multi T4's left and right with a combined total inches on left T4 38 1/2 and right T4 33 inches.

Orpheus DG scored 425 @ 2yrs, 20 x 20 points, 6.4kg HA

The name Orpheus DG comes from the Greek Mythology of a musical legend and poet




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