Morpheus DG

A world record holder as a 4yr old and a record breaker of 662 @ 5yrs


2011 SCNODFA Overall Supreme Champion 2011 SCNODFA Red Hard Antler Award 2010 3yr Red Hard Antler Award Champion 2010 National Rising Stars Supreme Trophy Award 2009 4th place 2yr Red Hard Antler Award Champion

General comments:

Morpheus DG is a Supreme Champaion Stag.  A DGNZ Sire, Scipio DG son, with an outstanding score of 603 @ 4yrs and 49 points.  Check his pedigree below.  Awarded Supreme Champion at the 2010 National Hard Antler Awards, and Champion of the 3yr Hard Antler Award, Morpheus continues to amaze.  Previously Morpheus came 4th at the National 2yr Hard Antler awards also.  We rate this stag as the top outcross stag in New Zealand. We think of Morpheus as being new blood for our herd and believe he will cross with 95% of our genetics. His 2yr score was higher than that of Odysseus DG & Hannibal DG at 2yrs. A simply brilliant Scipio DG Son.

Morpheus DG @ 5yrs

Morpheus DG scored 663 @ 5yrs, 27 x 27 points

Morpheus DG @ 4yrs

Morpheus DG @ 4yrs

Morpheus DG scored 603 @ 4yrs, 26 x 23 points

Morpheus DG @ 3yrs

Morpheus DG @ 3yrs

Morpheus DG scored 531 @ 3yrs, 23 x 18 points

Morpheus DG @ 2yrs

Morpheus DG @ 2yrs

Morpheus DG scored 380 @ 2yrs, 17 x 18 points

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