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Megatestes DG

Megatestes DG - Trust us, he has that name for a reason

Megatestes DG @ 2yrs - Jan 2019

Along with those MEGA-testes, this stag has a MEGA-head

2yr comments (2018):

Megatestes DG has a super wide head (a massive 26 inch span) and the style is on point for what you want your progeny to look like!

Megatestes has a massive beam with 6.2 C1 and 10.4 C2 measurements. Great cross to bulk up your antlers! Megatestes DG's sire, Imbrius DG was hunted with a score of approximately 800 inches! We look forward to seeing how Megatestes DG develops as he gets older.

Megatestes DG scored 391 @ 2yrs, 14 x 14 points, 8kg HA



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