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Leonides DG

Supreme champion stag!

General comments:

Leonides DG is a Huneric son out of a 1st calving Morpheus DG daughter, out of a 1st calving Scipio DG daughter back to Gran Dam 146 who is Huneric DG’s Gran Dam.

Morpheus DG, a son of Scipio DG out of an eastern hind was at 3, 4 and 5 year old the highest ever scoring Red stag for each age group at that time.

At 3 year he scored 531 with 23 x 18 points, at 4 year old he scored 603 with 26 x 23 points and at 5 year old he scored 662 SCI with 27 x 27 points.

Scipio DG was bred by Deer Genetics NZ Ltd and exported to Argentina back in 2004 and was the highest scoring stag in South America for many years.

Leonides DG @ 5yrs

Leonides DG @ 5yrs


Leonides DG @ 4yrs

Leonides DG scored 637 at 4yrs, 30 x 17 points

Kelly holding the Supreme Champion trophy won by Leonides DG at the Xcell rising stars competition 2015

Leonides DG 3yr head 2014

Leonides DG @ 3yrs

Leonides DG @ 3yrs

3yr comments (2018):

Leonides DG won 1st place at the rising stars national competition 3yr hard antler class in 2014.

20 x20 points scoring 524 with bifurcated brows, 20 inch brow on right. 16 and 18 inch beys, bifurcated treys 22 inch trey on left with a 10 inch dropper. 19 and 6/8th trey on right with a 12 inch dropper giving a total inched for the trey’s of 63 inches. Multi T4’s, trifurcated on left with 36 inches total and quadfurcated on right with 35 inches. Total combined T4 inches of 71. Huge tine length out of the crown with 10, 11 and 15 inch points. Leonides crown points have multiple multi pointed points, a trait that we are wanting to improve on in our herd. Leonides was first place at this year’s Xcell Rising Stars Hard Antler Competition and Supreme Champion. During the roar Leonides is very dominant and will pretty much take on all comers, we have found this to be a very desirable trait as it is a sign of an alpha male.

Leonides DG scored 524 @ 3yrs, 20 x 20


Leonides DG @ 2yrs


2yr comments (2014):

"Very good brows, beys and treys.Outward flowing brows (11 and 13 inches), very good upright beys (14 and 16 inches), huge treys bifurcated on left (with a total of 27 inches) and quadfurcated on right (with a total of 35 inches) including a very good 8 inch dropper off mid trey right. Very good prominent T4’s trifurcated on left with a 12 inch dropper off base of T4 left (with a total of 24 inches plus dropper) and quadfurcated on right (with a total of 31 inches). Good royal points 5, 6, 8 and 9 inch tops. Very appealing outward flowing head".

Leonides DG scored 373 @ 2yrs, 16 x 15 points


Leonides DG sons:

Momus DG - 435 @ 2yrs


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