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Imbrius DG

"God of the hunt"

General comments:

Imbrius DG, son of Mentor (who was our highest scoring 2yr old at 435 in 2010) out of 7248 who is a full sister to Hannibal DG, Dam 7248 one of our overall best hinds in our herd.

Imbrius DG, son of Mentor (who was our highest scoring 2 year stag at 435, and rising stars 2 year hard antler competition supreme champion in 2010) out of dam 7248 who is a full sister to Hannibal DG. Dam 7248 has produced 4 stags so far, some by ET, all of which have made the top 5% of their age groups for antler.

Her first son in 2009 as a first calving hind is 9003 Genghis DG, one of our master sires. Genghis DG has exceptional width and beam circumference, see our web page for more on Genghis DG.

In 2010 7248 had two sons by ET transfer both made our stag sale line up, in 2011 7248 gave us Imbrius DG and we have embryo’ed 7248 this year. Like Phantasos dam line our current breeding objective is to get dam 7248 into as many of our hinds as we can, we look forward to the day we will have dams 7248 and 3013 in the same animal.

Imbrius shedding his antlers @ 5yrs - 2017

Imbrius DG @ 5yrs

Imbrius DG @ 5yrs

Imbrius DG scored 702 @ 5yrs, 24 x 28 points

Imbrius DG @ 4yrs

Imbrius DG scored 625 at 4yrs, 24 x 24 points, 17.13kg HA

Imbrius DG's 3yr head won 2nd place at the rising stars national competition for 3yr HA 2015

Imbrius DG @ 3yrs

3yr comments (2018):

Great aspect to Artemis's 3yr old head, hid width puts his stance in a paddock above any other deer. Artemis DG was sold in our 2018 sire sale.

Imbrius DG scored 534 @ 3yrs, 21 x 20, 13.26kg HA


Imbrius DG @ 2yrs

Imbrius DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2014):

Imbrius DG’s 2 year antler comments are very good treys, 19 inch trey on left and 18.6 inch treys on right. Exceptional main beam length with 32 inch main beam on right hand side. Split main beam internal left hand crown. Stripped very early 17th Jan 2014.
Imbrius DG's 2yr old head won 3rs place int the regional competition 2014.

Imbrius DG scored 418 @ 2yrs, 19 x 17 points, 486kg HA


Imbrius DG sons:

Megatestes DG - 2yr @ 2019


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