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Deimos DG

Deimos @ 3yrs - Dec 2020

Deimos DG @ 2yrs

2yr comments (2019):

At 2yrs Deimos DG had massive structure to his antlers. One of the main appeals is his main beam length of 32.4 putting him at the top of the length chart for a 2yr old. He had huge bottom tines with 18 and 18.4 inch T1s, 17.6 and 18.2 inch T2s and multi T3 starting with 19 inch leading points with both sides quad furcating. Very big bodied stag with a quiet nature.

Deimos DG scored 492 @ 2yrs, 19 x 22 points

With a score of 492 @ 2yrs Deimos has almost 20 more points than other DGNZ sires born in previous generations.

Rigby - Sire of Deimos DG



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