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Ogedei DG

Ogedei DG @ 2yrs - Jan 2019

2yr comments (2018):

Ogedei DG has a one of a kind head style with great width (a massive 26 inch span) and good looking kickers and droppers on both sides. Extra long brows, 16 1/2 inches on left and 14 inches on right, beys and treys are 18 inches which will set him up for 20+ inch brows and beys at 5yrs.

Ogedei DG has nice symmetry going on and his style ticks many of our boxes for a top quality sire. Ogedei DG has many of his sire, Genghis DG's qualities, which illustrates the trait dominance of his genetic line.

Ogedei DG scored 368 @ 2yrs, 14 x 12, 7kg HA

Genghis DG - A Huneric DG son crossed with one of our famous hinds 7248 a full sister to Hannibal DG



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