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Huneric DG

One of the father sires of our herd

Huneric DG @ 7yrs

Huneric DG @ 7yrs

Huneric DG @ 6yrs

Huneric DG scored 588 at 6yrs, 17 x 20 points, 17.28kg HA


Huneric DG @ 5yrs

5 yr comments (2011):

Huneric DG continues  to be the basis of much of our breeding. He dropped 4 inches ths year and we put it down mainly to him no producing any droppers. His top tines continue to lengthen and amass. Lovely temperament.

Phobetor DG scored 442 @ 3yrs, 16 x 15 points, 13.23kg HA


Huneric DG @ 4yrs

4 yr comments (2010):

Huneric DG continues to impress, with his massive beam, brilliant span and long open points. Huneric  was independantly scored at 570 @ 4yrs.

Huneric DG scored 570 @ 4yrs, 16 x 19 points


Huneric DG @ 3yrs

3 yr comments (2009):

Huneric DG was awarded the 2yr National Hard Antler Award.  He grew an incredible 3yr head this year with a score of 501 @ 3yrs.

Huneric DG scored 501 @ 3yrs, 16 x 14 points


Huneric DG @ 2yrs

2 yr comments (2008):

The best 2yr stag we have ever bred, or seen anywhere in the world.   Proven dam line. Huneric DG dropped his buttons very early for a 2yr stag, and started growing his head by early October. He scored an amazing 405 @ 2yrs, and won the National 2yr Hard Antler award.  A great achievement! His spread this year was a massive 40 inches, span 24.4. inches and main beam length 35.6/33.4 inches.  Very thick 10 inch bases. A big proud animal, we will be watching his growth with much aniticipation...

Huneric DG scored 405 @ 2yrs, 15 x 14 points


Huneric DG @ 1yr

1 yr comments (2007):

We used Huneric DG as a spiker in 2007 roar over a selection of our hinds




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