Keith Wilts

Hello Don, Anne, & Kelly Bennett

I would like to thank you for your excellent quality semen you export to me in the USA for my A.I. program, and also for your great advice on which stags to use the last few years.
I've been raising red deer for almost 16 years on Twelve- Mile Creek Red Deer Farm in the state of Minnesota. I started artifically inseminating some of my hinds 7 years ago to get some of the worlds best genetics on my farm. The last 5 years have been the most enjoyable ones for me, because of the top-notch genetics that you provide to me.
Every year I'm excited about how my trophy stags and up and coming stags will turn out and score.
Over the years, I've had an average calving rate of 85% with your semen, or other available semen that you exported to me. Also a lot of credit goes to Dr. Claire Plante DVM from Canada for doing the cervical procedure for me, she does an excellant job.

Here are the results from each year:

(2001) Motsumi DG and Viagra - 90%
(2002) Motsumi DG, Foveran DG, and Viagra - 81%
(2003) Brusnik, Furze DG, Tamar DG, and Tadmore DG - 86%
(2004)Tamar DG - 86%
(2005) Furze DG, Motsumi DG, and Tamar DG - (hinds calving in June 2006)

If you have anyone in the USA with any questions, please feel free to have them contact me on your behalf.

Thanks again,
Keith Wilts

Cerven Deer Co

Dear Don and Anne

Firstly thanks for your hospitality and organisation of the'Deer Genetics' field day. I found it a fantastic event to be able to view all the top stags with their magnificent trophy heads, as well as past and present hard antler and velvet on display. It enabled me to assess what we required for our breeding programme and compare the different genetics all at the one place. It gives us ordinary farmers a look at what is possible and makes us realise that with not a lot of capital cost and outlay we can access the very best genetics, through purchasing a few straws of semen and doing a small 'ai' programme. And who knows what we will end up with, maybe in years to come some of our own genetics may be assisting others to ungrade their deer herds.

Thanks Don for your advice on semen choice. The Adonis semen we used has left us with some amazing stags, now 2 years old. The Adonis progeny are just so far ahead of our own stags. I wouldn't have thought that these genetic gains were possible after just the first cross. And now with a base of 'ai' hinds on the ground we are able to look foreward to mixing those genetics with the best semen you have to offer, and continue upgrading our herd. Each velvet season its exciting to see the new crop of spikers on the ground, and watch the dramatic improvments from the older 'ai' stags. This years best 2 yr old cut 7.46kg - 20 points - 308 sci.

The 'ai' programme went very well this year. It is so much easier now that we can use the cervical 'ai' method. It was taking no more than 2 minutes per animal and no stress on the hind or me, and I think only about $15 per animal. Probably the best part is no knock out drugs for the hinds and no stress. The past 2 years we have had about 50 hinds to 'ai' each year with a success rate above 80%. I find it a great way to breed your own sires, as well as getting a lot of satisfaction out of it.

I see in your latest semen catalogue the new sires purchased this year look great, and certainly something for everyone there. Definitly the best one stop semen shop, thanks for providing a great service. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,
Dave & Christine MacKie




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