A night at the Xcell National Rising Stars Competition... 

DGNZ picked up a few awards at the National Rising Stars Hard Antler and Velvet Competition: 
IMG 7064-376 Cleomenes-413
IMG 7110-497

Also Phantasos DG won the "Sire of Three" category! 

54728926 390948391743088 5034506955805163520 n-375
Jerusha receiving an award. 


Check out our whopper of a white sire: 

Talcom 5yrs-8
Talcom @ 4yrs - 2 Feb 19

Check out our new sires for 2018...



Phthonos DG



Jack DG



Kratos DG

Momus DG

  view our current sires


In case you missed it...

Here is a video compilation of pictures we took on the day @ our 3yr Sale on 14th December
All Lots were sold. Top price of $95000 and $22000 average for 12 stags.

Let the selection process begin...

Next week we will be starting the selection process for our upcoming 2yr stag sale,
it will be our hardest selection to date!
Wow do we have some beauties developing!!
IMG 5122-779

Winter is here...

Yes, the cold has hit us at Deer Genetics NZ! 

Felicia has been out taking photos of the whites and landscapes.

20747801 1736511433029078 384207276 o-674

20773260 1736510396362515 1817901196 o-545

New Sire Pages added to our website...

IMG 2656-400
Atlas DG

IMG 2615-914
Cleomenes DG

IMG 2464-854
Artemis DG

  view our current sires  

An autumn evening with the whites...

June 2017
IMG 4132-250

New sires have their own pages... 

New Sires: Phobos DG, Prometheus DG, Zafarai DG and Archontas DG have now been added to our website with their own sections! 
Here you can find their pedigrees, breeding information, photos, videos and score information!

Click the links below for more.... 

New sires being added to our sire mob!

We have 8 x 2yr olds that are joining our sire mob. These stags have a mixture of different qualities that we have purposely targeted. They are sons of Phantasos, Phobetor, Huneric and Hilderic DG. All bar one have scored over 400 as a 2yr old. The top 5 are the highest scoring 2yr olds we have bred. 

Our roadside flowers attract local artist!

IMG 4024-853 Deer Genetics planted a wildflower mix on the farm boundary late last year. It has been a great attraction and talking point with locals, tourists and bees alike. They have been flowering for about two months now and have provided the farm with a beautiful backdrop along with the roar of the stags!
IMG 4009-25
IMG 3947-278

Geraldine's infamous artist - John Badcock has been amongst the flowers and bees over the last few days. So keep an eye out in Susan Badcock Studio, in Geraldine.

IMG 3977-909

Click Below for Susan Badcock Studio  Click Below for Geraldine Farm Tours  Click Below for Deer Genetics NZ


Check out Imbrius DG shedding... 

Jade snapped this great video of Imbrius when she was taking him a tree branch to strip his velvet on! Obviously he was very eager to start scratching!

In case you missed it....

Kelly featured in the Feburary edition of the Geraldine News 
Kelly Waihi catchment advert

In case you missed it....

Here is a slideshow of some photos taken of our 2017 Sire Stag Sales

A night at the SCNODFA Velvet Awards....


Deer Genetics had a great night on Friday 25th September at the South Canterbury North Otago Deer Farmers Association Velvet Competition! 
velvet competition crew DGNZ-420
Phantasos DG 4yr head (pictured below) not only won his Hard Antler Red class, but also won the Overall Supreme Champion Hard Antler Award!
Phantasos as 4yr old-229 Phantasos DG
Click here for Phantasos DG webpage 

SCNODFA awards-179

In addition, take a look at the top place-getters in the results for Class 9: Hard Antler Red - Our genetics is in 5 of the top 6 places in this class!! 
(see results below)
hard antler red Phantasos-461



Our Trophies are developing very well...

Take a look at some of our developing trophy stags at Deer Genetics NZ.
Sire Videos
25 Nov 2016

Click their names for more updated photos and information...




Most recent sire photos
25 Nov 2016

Click their names for more updated photos and information...



IMG 9984-945

IMG 9962-77

IMG 9922-500
IMG 9938-219
IMG 0004-606
IMG 0023-959
IMG 0027-337


IMG 9957-60

Jerusha brought us a sign for the Woodbury farm - You can't miss it!

DGNZ sign-140
Kelly standing next to the new sign

environment nutrients



We're always working hard to ensure our farms have minimal impact on the environment, and we're always looking for new initiatives.

In collaboration with Environment Canterbury and our local community, Deer Genetics NZ are beginning a restoration project to enhance the biodiversity values in a historic wetland situated on our property.

Wetlands 4-190We understand the relationship between good farm management practices and the environment.

This wetland restoration project is an exciting new challenge for us, through which we hope will encourage other farmers in New Zealand to increase their protection towards our native flora and fauna.

Wetlands 5-969-665


How we will achieve this restoration:
  • Weed control (of willow, pine, gorse, monkey musk and blackberry) will be implemented to help native species to establish and dominate the site and contribute to providing good quality habitat to our native fauna.
  • Restoration planting - We are planting eco-sourced indigenous species in areas where natural regeneration is compromised by competition with weeds.
  • Fencing to keep stock out of the area will reduce exposed earth and buffer run-off from forestry harvesting when this occurs, indirectly increasing our water quality in the surrounding catchments.

Extensive native plantings around our waterways have also been undertaken throughout our properties.
We want to ensure clean waterways, assist in regeneration of natural habitat and wildlife, provide browse along fence lines for our deer, and minimize the impact we have on our environment.

wetlands 4 carex secta-380


media white deer

12362670 931334720285396 3313579112251205386 o

12310064 931335306952004 6777092103293896623 o

In case you missed it...

Slideshow of photos from the sale days 2016:


Lot 1 auction:

Lot 2 auction:

Lot 3 auction:

     USA Embryo Transplanting

Kelly went to the USA in early October this year to assist with the transfer of embryos from our New Zealand genetics into two programmes.

PHOTO A Enbryo transplanting at Stoney Point farm October 2015-286-220

PHOTO A Mark Hightower, Jason Coe and Claire Plante at Stoney Point farm 1 - Copy

One was in Missouri with Mark Hightower at Stoney Point farm. Transplanting the embryos
was Dr Jason Coe from Alabamma and Dr Claire Plante from Canada (above).

PHOTO B embryo transplanting at Texas Safari Ranch with the Harvards October 2015-572

PHOTO B Enbryo transplanting at Texas Safari Ranch Dr Mike Bringans transplanting October 2015-303

The second programme was down in Texas at Texas Safari Ranch owned by the Harvard family.
Transplanting the embryos was Dr Mike Bringans and Dr Claire Plante (above).

Both programmes went very well and we eagerly await the progeny. We will now have genetically the same animals born in New Zealand, Missouri and Texas.

500, 600 and 700 inch genetics have been utilised, along with our superior dam lines we have created the genetic combinations that we have used to produce the embryos for export.

Utilising the latest technologies in animal reproduction is allowing us to enhance the genetics of our Deer farming friends and colleagues around the world.

Kelly whitetail 1-462

Whilst Kelly was in Missouri he was lucky enough to go whitetail hunting with Marc Hightower and Bo Sparks from “The Hunting Grounds”  in Caulfield Missouri.

PHOTO C Two whitetail locked together-532-548

Whilst searching for a suitable buck they came across a rare sight of two whitetail bucks locked together from fighting. Unfortunately they were both dead.


Spring time on the Farm

IMG 0037-714Early Spring at Crevale Farm. Burning diesel and doing long hours. Major drought coming so want to get the paddocks back into permanent pasture early.

IMG 0031-609
Our consultant and his secretary in deep thinking mode. Probably because he has just paid a huge amount for some black sheep!

The value of record keeping & DNA profiling

We've been doing some stats on our trophy stags, they're impressive:

  • You can see from the bar graph (below) that over the last 5 years we have managed to increase the average for our top 30 trophy stags by 80 inches. A couple of points to note are during this period we have been selling the top 25 animals each year in our January 2 year sire stag sale and those animals are not in the equation. Also between 2012 and 2013 we changed from producing 6 year old trophy stags to 5 year old stags.


  • ​If you look at the average line over the last 13 years our master sires as 2 year olds have gained an average of 78 inches.
  • Over the same period the 3 year old scores have jumped a massive 144 inches.

  • Since 2006 we have had 7 stags score over 500 as 3 year olds. 4 of them were last year from our current master sires.

  • Last year Imbrius DG was our highest ever scoring 3 year old at 535 with 41 points. Phobetor was our highest ever scoring 4 year old scoring 609 with 53 points.

  • We are the only Stag breeder in New Zealand that can say their two year olds now commonly score in excess of 400, 3 year olds in excess of 500 and 4 year olds in excess of 600.


Winter Snow

The only moisture we've had for months

crevale snow 2015 (2)-669

Chinese Consulate visit Deer Genetics NZ

Pictured General Jin Zhijian and Kelly Bennett at Deer Genetics farm Woodbury
Pictured General Jin Zhijian and Kelly Bennett at Deer Genetics farm WoodburyWe were very fortunate to have the entire Chinese Consulate visit our farm on Saturday 18th April 2015. 

The farm visit was organised by Nick Albury from New Zealand Light Leathers. The Consulate visited New Zealand Light Leathers in Timaru first then came out to Geraldine for lunch. 

We served up venison from Mountain River and Cray fish direct from Dusky Sound, Fiordland, followed by a kiwi favourite "rolled strawberry pavlova".

After an informative discussion on all things deer (but mostly velvet and hard antler), we took them on a farm tour. Thankfully the weather was great. The original plan was for the Consulate general and a few others to come for a farm tour, however they were so excited to have the opportunity to visit they decided to shut the consulate down for a day and all come. The consulate general Jin Zhijian was very approachable, easy to talk to and thoroughly enjoyed the day, as did we.

Chinese consulate visit farm tour (2)-776


NZ top deer breeders convene in Woodbury, and strut their stuff

Deer Genetics NZ impressed the judges at the recent National Rising Stars awards.

Click below to watch...


Deer Genetics wins Supreme Trophy Award

Standing in front of an expert audience, Kelly Bennett opened the envelope, expecting to hand out a National award. Little did he know he was about to take home the National Supreme Trophy.

The Xcell Rising Stars National Awards is the Deer industry event of the year. This year was no exception. Massive genetic gains were exhibited on the night, as New Zealand’s top trophy and velvet breeders, all vying for first place, exhibited their finest specimens.

These awards are an annual event which sees a panel of skilled judges measure the velvet and hard antler using the SCI scoring system. Categories are arranged by age, weight, breed, peoples choice and overall supreme award. 

This year entries came from as far north as Helensville and south as Invercargill. Entries were up by 30%, across all classes, due to a buoyant trophy industry and good velvet dividends.

“The top 2 year olds increased their scores at the awards by 20 inches on last year”. Kelly Bennett of Deer Genetics NZ (and SCNODFA Chairman) explains. “These genetic gains are staggering, and are the result of breeders focusing on breeding decisions”.

Top 3 year olds were also up by 10 inches on last year. A phenomenal result.

With over 130 breeders convening in Woodbury Geraldine the town was a buzz. Woodbury town Hall was transformed with 'Hunting' the theme, thanks to Calibre Taxidermy Timaru. The event was organised by SCNODFA, well supported by local business and had over 54 sponsors.

That evening Kelly Bennett of Deer Genetics took home 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the National 3 Year Old Hard Antler Category, as well as the Supreme Tophy Award.

“A great time was had by all. The awards are heading to the North Island for next year, so we'll be taking a well earned break” says Kelly.



2015 Elite Sire Stag Sale - Huge Success

A big thank you to everyone who came to our sale on 6th January. We had a brilliant turnout, loads of laughs (thanks Clarkie) a top knotch average sale price and 100% clearance.

A big shout out to our supporters BNZ Bank of New Zealand, Ford Simpson Accountants, Downlands Deer, FMG Insurance. and PGG Wrightsons. And to all our helpers on the day.

We look forward to a great 2015 and wish you all the best.




Elite Sire Stag Sale

New Videos taken 5th Jan 2015

Video 1:
Lot 1 , Lot 2, Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 11, Lot 16, Lot 20, Lot 23, Lot 26, Lot 32, Lot 40, Lot 43

In order of appearance: Lot 4, 1 , 2 , 40 , 11 , 5 , 32 , 26 , 16 , 23 , 43 , 20.


Eight of our Top Sire Stags - 31st Dec 2014

email jpeg

Sire Stags are coming on a treat...

imbrius up 30 nov 14 IMG 6281crp
Imbrius DG - 3yrs  30 Nov 2014

New photos were taken on 30 Nov 2014, and are being uploaded over the next few days.

A couple of roughies...

The Sire stags are coming on well.
10 Nov 2014 Genghis & Point IMG 6068smlb
Featured here is 'Point' (left) and 'Genghis' (right), 10 Nov 2014.

genghis middle, hanover left, serapio right smlc
Hanover DG (left) Genghis DG (center) Serapio DG (right), 10 Nov 2014

Latest Spring Action

Fodderbeet planting for winter crops

Planting fodderbeet seed in the past would have previously taken a week with our old planter.

This smart looking machine did it in one day.



Deer Genetics features in NZ's leading Deer Farming Magazine


'The market has changed because there are now a lot of good stags our there, but if you analyse the trophy genetics more than 60% are traced back to our Sires' Kelly Bennett

View full article 

Country Wide Magazine Deer Farmer Magazine, August 2014.



To Jan Taylor and Craig Feavor of Rata Peak Station on winning the National 1 year old Red Hard Antler competition at Te Awamutu in February 2012 with Y/W 16, a Huneric DG son.

Morpheus the Monster gains another award

2011 National Red Trophy Antler Award-2nd

Morpheus's 4yr head has come 2nd place in the National Red Trophy Award (first place was won by a 6yr head).
A very entertaining night was had by all.
5 Dec 11

DGNZ Bloodlines Win
2011 National Velvet 4yr Red &
2011 North Island Velvet Awards

The 2011 NI Velvet Competition overall winner & National 4yr Red "Griso" (Tag I59) comes from Deer Genetics NZ bloodlines.  Griso is a 4yr old who cut 9.0kg velvet.  He won the 4yr Velvet Award, First Overall Award and the Peoples Choice.
Sheerwater 4yr old 4dec11 sm 2
Richard Morris (owner) from Sheerwater Farms holding NI Velvet Awards Overall Winner 'Griso' - from DGNZ Bloodlines

2 Dec 2011


Huneric DG 2yr Son cuts 8.81kg Velvet

The heaviest 2year old cut velvet ever recorded has been achieved by a Huneric DG Son, Denfield Don, on 1st Dec 2011. 
Semen will be available from Denfield Don subject to collection - first in first served.
Contact us to place an order now.

DenfieldDon 2yrVelvet 1 1
Kevin Edge (Owner) from Denfield Farms holding 'Denfield Don' - 8.81kg @ 2yrs
25 Nov 11

DGNZ win Sth Canterbury North Otago Deer Farmers Association (SCNODFA) Awards

The team proudly returned after a great night with an armful of trophies including:

Genetic Coup for Deer Genetics NZ


Hotshot "Mentor DG"  National Champion

Don & Kelly Bennett are grinning ear to ear.  On Saturday 19th Feb Mentor DG, an Elite Sire Stag bred by Deer Genetics NZ, won two massive awards at the National Rising Stars Awards held in the Waikato.
Mentor DG, who recently scored a phenomenal 435 at 2yrs, won the 2 year old Red Hard Antler Award, and was crowned Supreme Champion 2011 (equal first).
Although this is a momentous occasion for Deer Genetics, it does not come as a suprise. Last year Morpheus DG, another Elite Sire Stag, was crowned Supreme Champion 2010, and also the 2010 3yr Red Hard Antler Champion.

"We have one of the most Elite Red Deer Herds in the World, it has taken 30 years to get there, and it's only just beginning.
These are the big boys, and they're getting more and more magnificent ever year."

An outstanding opportuntiy is available for Deer Farmers to share in the success.  Don believes the Trophy market is greatly improving, and, in a step which is sure to take this market to a whole new level, they're offering semen for sale from these sensational stags.

"The best part is its affordable, 
Every farmer can afford to buy our semen. 
We don't price it out of the market,
and the results farmers can achieve is extraordinary".

To order semen email don@deergeneticsnz.co.nz or phone +64 3 693 9268.

Our Sire Stags Scored - New World Records

Our stags were independantly scored on 17 Jan 2011.

Morpheus DG has been scored at 603 @ 4years, the highest score in history for a 4 year old stag. He has jumped 72 points since his 3yr score of 531.  A massive 49 points, this stag is a real looker.

Huneric DG is the 3rd highest scoring stag  @ 4years ever.  He jumped an outstanding 69 points since his 3 year score of 501.  At 4 years he has 35 points and a main beam of a massive 45 inches.

Mentor DG
is the new record breaker.  At only 2 years Mentor DG has scored 435, with 37 points.  This is an unbeaten record for a 2 year old stag.  History in the making.  We are watching this stag with much interest.

Semen will be available for these outstanding Sires.  Contact us now to secure your order.

Results are incredible:
Morpheus DG - 603 @ 4yrs
Huneric DG - 570 @ 4yrs
Mentor DG - 435 @ 2yrs

Morpheus the Rock Star!...

DGNZ Wins Another Award

A great night was had by all on Saturday the 20th February at the recent 2010 Rising Stars National Red Hard Antler competition.

DGNZ proudly won two of the supreme awards of which Morpheus DG was the star:
Morpheus DG is the 3yr old Red Hard Antler Award Champion
Morpheus DG also won the National Rising Stars Supreme Trophy Award

3 out of the 4 stags in the 3yr class were bred by DGNZ.
1st: Morpheus DG
3rd: Othello (congratulations to Bob Atkinson of Sarnia Deer)
4th: Huneric DG

Congratulations Team!
Oct 2014

Our first visit to DGNZ in 2006 inspired us to build up a trophy farm in Hungary.

Advice from Don and Kelly about genetics, farm design, modern breeding technologies and deer handling helped us become one of the most professional farms operating in Europe. 

Dr. Bokor Árpád
Deer Trophy Farm, Hungary




With over 65 yrs experience between them, Don & Kelly Bennett advise on Deer Farming issues around the globe.


Use our expertise when planning your Deer Farm Design & Construction.



Our embryo transplant programme
New Sires have their own pages