New videos posted on "Semen Information" page
showing the quiet handling of deer in our facilities
including setting up hinds in the deer crush in preparation for AI.

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Morpheus DG - World Record 5yr Head
Score: 662 @ 5yrs
Semen: Semen Available
Breed: Scipio Eastern
  • 2011 National Red Antler Trophy - 2nd
  • 2011 SCNODFA Overall Supreme Award
  • 2011 SCNODFA Hard Antler Red Champion
  • 2010 3yr Red Hard Antler Award
  • 2010 National Rising Stars Supreme Trophy Award
The world's highest scoring 5yr old stag, Scipio son, 27x27, multiple award winning...
26Dec13 HunericDn IMG 1547small
26 Dec 2013
View Video 26 Dec 2013


Huneric DG - Massive Spread
Score: 566 @ 5yrs
Semen: Semen Available
Breed: Brusnik Adonis
  • 2009 2yr National Red Hard Antler Champion
Award Winning Stag, 19x17, exceptional external spread, National Hard Antler Champion. 2yr Huneric Son cut 8.81kg velvet...

5812 MentorLdn16Dec12Med
16 Dec 2012
View video 4 Jan 2012
Mentor DG - World Record 3yr Head
Score: 531 @ 3yrs
Semen: Available - Order Here
Breed: Odysseus Midas
  • 2011 2yr National Hard Antler Champion
  • 2011 National Rising Stars Supreme Trophy Award
  • 2011 SCNODFA 2yr Hard Antler Award
Highest scoring 3yr stag in history equal to Morpheus DG, 39 points...
BEST SML Hannibal 4yrs(small)
Hannibal DG - Conformation & Style
Score: 536 @ 5yrs
Semen Semen Available
Breed: Furzeland/Eastern/Woburn
  • Sire of the 2009 National Velvet Supreme Champion
Very wide, huge beam, massive spread of 58 inches, sire of the 2009 NZ Velvet Supreme Champion...
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4 JAN 2014
27 DEC 2013
New videos of sale stags uploaded
22 Dec 11

2011 National Red Trophy Antler Award-2nd

Morpheus the Monster has gained another award
5 Dec 11

DGNZ Bloodlines Win
2011 North Island Velvet Awards

The 2011 NI Velvet Competition Overall winner comes from Deer Genetics NZ bloodlines read more...
25 Nov 11

DGNZ win at SCNODFA Awards!

Feb 2011

Hotshot Mentor DG-Wins Supreme Trophy!

Mentor wins 2011 Red HA & Supreme Trophy Award... read more
Feb 2010

Morpheus the Rock Star!

2010 3yr Red HA & Supreme Trophy Champion
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